Great News!!

It’s Official!

Today I learned I am unopposed after qualifying to run for Collier Mosquito Control District, Seat 5

Thank You So Much to everyone that supported the Russell Burland Campaign with general advice, media expertise, social media activity and of course the needed contributions.

Special Thanks to my wife Marcie, the campaign’s treasurer Steven Kissinger, 34 community leaders on the leadership council and the political endorsements!

Tropical storm Cristobal blows by and leaves us more standing water

There are effective things you can do to help reduce mosquito populations in your little corner of Collier County

Report Mosquitoes at – This is the best way for them to know of area flare ups.
FREE Mosquito Fish – let them loose in your standing water. Call for an appointment to pick up.
Prevent Mosquitoes living in your Bromeliads  – water in bromeliads attract mosquitoes
Sign up for advance notice of District treatment areas via website or facebook
Thank you for your support!







The most frequently asked question since announcing my candidacy is How do I get someone out for spraying? The mosquitoes are horrible where I live.” 

Our Collier Mosquito Control District has it covered. Please share this.

Collier Mosquito Control District has an online “report mosquitoes” form on their homepage.

All residents are encouraged to use this form to report when mosquitoes become a nuisance. The reports are reviewed daily to determine where/when to treat.

So.. if and when the mosquitoes are a nuisance, let Collier Mosquito Control District know.

Russell Burland Campaign – A Consistent and Steady Hand sharing your Quality of Life beliefs and Private Sector values 


Terry Hutchison – Vice Mayor of City of Naples Endorses Burland

Russell is a longtime resident of the City of Naples and Collier County with a public policy perspective that is consistent with maintaining and enhancing our quality of life. Russ is a family man having raised three sons with his wife Marcie of 28 years.

His consistent guidance through extensive Board involvement, hands-on volunteerism and private sector values qualify him for local leadership.

I enthusiastically endorse Russell Burland for Collier Mosquito Control District, Seat Five!

Thank You Donna Fiala!

Thank You to Donna Fiala for the endorsement of the Russell Burland Campaign!
May 17, 2020
   Russell Burland has been a resident of Collier County for nearly 50 years and resides here with his wife Marcie and 3 college sons.  As an integral part of our community, Russ has served and volunteered on boards and committees too numerous to mention.  His values and commitments to his endeavors and our quality of life make him a great person for this job! 
I endorse Russell Burland for Collier Mosquito Control, Seat 5.
Donna Fiala
Commissioner, District One
Picture taken at the January 2020 East Naples Civic Association monthly luncheon – before social distancing and face masks

A Visit with Clyde Butcher

Thank You again for promoting and supporting this political campaign!

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Thank You Very Much for following the Russell Burland for Collier Mosquito Control District page! The page follows, likes and positive comments to the announcement from my personal page were terrific. Much more than I expected!

I look forward to seeing you in person some day soon!

Thank You again for promoting and supporting this political campaign!


larvicide missions

Below is a screen shot of today’s  on Outrigger Lane by the CMCD drone program.

Enjoy your walks or bike rides more by being informed in advance of area treatments for mosquitos. Follow Collier Mosquito Control District

OR – click “treatment maps” will keep you updated. The site will allow you to make a report for “nuisance control”.

Our Quality of Life is as important to me as it is to you. Please follow my campaign page and share my individual posts Russell Burland For Collier Mosquito Control District

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Thank You

“A Consistent and Steady Hand” for maintaining and enhancing our quality of life

Thank You Very Much for following and promoting the Russell Burland for Collier Mosquito Control District campaign page.

Helicopters over waterways?

This subject came up the other day – “why do I see Mosquito Control helicopters over interior waterways?”

The short answer is springtime means the annual onslaught of Salt Marsh mosquitoes for residents mostly near our coastline and waterways. This mosquito is a big annoyance as it does not carry any human viruses but is able to transmit heartworm to dogs. Always a great move to make sure your pet’s heartworm medications are current.

Fortunately the biologists at the Collier Mosquito Control District know a lot about them. The Salt Mosquito populations subside by early to mid July as the seasonal rains increase but in the meantime the CMCD steps up treatments to areas in need based on their daily surveillance program findings. They closely monitor mosquito populations along the coastline.

There is much more information on the subject including scheduled treatment maps and how to submit a nuisance report at

Please feel free to share my campaign posts Russell Burland for Collier Mosquito Control District

“A consistent and steady hand” that shares your Quality of Life beliefs and private sector values!

Thank You!
Source: Collier Mosquito Control District