Helicopters over waterways?

This subject came up the other day – “why do I see Mosquito Control helicopters over interior waterways?”

The short answer is springtime means the annual onslaught of Salt Marsh mosquitoes for residents mostly near our coastline and waterways. This mosquito is a big annoyance as it does not carry any human viruses but is able to transmit heartworm to dogs. Always a great move to make sure your pet’s heartworm medications are current.

Fortunately the biologists at the Collier Mosquito Control District know a lot about them. The Salt Mosquito populations subside by early to mid July as the seasonal rains increase but in the meantime the CMCD steps up treatments to areas in need based on their daily surveillance program findings. They closely monitor mosquito populations along the coastline.

There is much more information on the subject including scheduled treatment maps and how to submit a nuisance report at www.cmcd.org

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Source: Collier Mosquito Control District

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