Burland Announces Candidacy for Mosquito Control Seat 5

I am announcing my candidacy for Commissioner of Collier Mosquito Control District, seat five!

The CMCD through its local management team of experts is charged with nuisance control and reducing the possibility of disease transmission. This mission is accomplished by monitoring and treating affected areas of biting adult mosquitos in a large portion of Collier County. It has a $27.2 million budget.
What you typically see and hear from CMCD are the fixed wing and helicopters at night safely working areas that have been biologically proven in need of treatment.

As a resident of City of Naples and County for 48 years and active in the community for many of those years, I am offering my time and talent to help create some level of community balance between the environment and population growth. My shared private sector values will come into play in the pursuit of maintaining and enhancing our quality of life.

We all love it here so taking my own advice to a fellow citizen, this is an opportunity for me to be helpful in working towards a better future for everyone living and working here. This is consistent with everything I have done in the community – more on that soon.

I am asking for your support as we near the election this November and hope you follow my campaign launch; “Russell Burland Campaign”

Political Advertisement, Paid for by Russell Burland Campaign P.O. Box 111063 Naples, Florida 34108 Steven Kissinger, Treasurer

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